About MintBoys

MintBoys is what's next: sexy, sophisticated fun. Join us as we reinvent the male escort experience.

What Makes MintBoys Different

MintBoys offers an exciting, sophisticated model for online escorting. With MintBoys, we follow the “Las Vegas model:” customers pay for time with an escort. Go to the club together, grab dinner, or go somewhere more intimate? It’s up to you: what happens subsequently between two adults is not ours to determine. Prostitution is illegal, though MintBoys acknowledges that what two consenting adults do in private is entirely their business. Because what we do is entirely legal, every aspect of the experience is safer and ultimately more fun for clients and escorts alike.

Privacy for everyone is our priority! As MintBoys is for adults over 18, we work to ensure all of our escorts are of legal age and fully consenting to every aspect of the MintBoys experience. MintBoys is opposed to trafficking in any form.

Special note: For a limited time, it’s free to advertise on MintBoys!

How is MintBoys Safer than the Other Sites?

  1. MintBoys relies on the “Las Vegas model.” Clients buy time, not sex; what happens during the purchased time is at the discretion of consenting adults. Our site has been reviewed by lawyers to ensure both legality and safety.
  2. We’re safer for clients. Other sites have web forms for contacting escorts, leaving a digital fingerprint. At MintBoys, we simply display the escort’s phone number, allowing direct contact. We have no record of any client nor whom they contacted.
  3. We accept ads only for escorts, not prostitution. All ads are screened for appropriateness; all escort pages contain a disclaimer that money is paid for time only.
  4. We're committed to your privacy. All data is encrypted on off-shore servers. Except in cases of suspected human trafficking, we only cooperate with authorities when given a subpoena.
  5. We require ID verification for advertisers who appear to be under 18. We do not require ID for advertisers who appear to be over 18 and who abide by the rules of the MintBoys site.
  6. MintBoys is strongly opposed to human trafficking. We do not take ads from escort services or massage parlors. Suspected cases of human trafficking are referred to law enforcement.
  7. MintBoys will never sell anyone’s name or contact information.

Our Story

The dramatic collapse of RentBoy left the industry in confusion, uncertain as to what might come next. Escorts and clients left the industry, unwilling to continue to take serious risks to remain.

MintBoys is “what comes next,” it's the safe space where clients and escorts can return, and the result of years of careful planning.

Having fun means having fun in a way that’s safe for everyone. MintBoys is where escorts and clients can screen each other, where daddies can find what they’re looking for and boyfriends can find each other.

Our Founder

MintBoys was founded by Scott Kilborn. Scott got his start on the escort side of the business, as a young man looking for a fun way to make extra money. After a few years of escorting, Scott took a break – only to come back as a paying client. Scott’s experience on “both sides” gives him a unique insight into the needs of escorts and clients alike.