Frequently Asked Questions

For All

Why is MintBoys safer than other escort websites?
At MintBoys, we follow the “Las Vegas model:” customers pay for time with an escort. Go to the club together, grab dinner, or go somewhere more intimate? It’s up to you: what happens subsequently between two adults is not ours to determine. Prostitution is illegal, though MintBoys acknowledges that what two consenting adults do in private is entirely their business. Because we make every effort to abide by applicable laws, the experience is safer and ultimately more fun for clients and escorts alike.
How do the FOSTA and SESTA legislation affect MintBoys?
See our FOSTA/SESTA Statement for more information.
How does MintBoys fight against human trafficking?
We do not allow anyone to post ads on someone else’s behalf. This includes escort services, massage parlors, and any ads featuring more than one person. We require ID verification for anyone appearing to be under 18. We promptly report suspected cases of human trafficking to authorities.
Are you completely legal?
MintBoys brings the male escort world out of the dark corners of the internet and provides a safe, legal way for escorts and clients to meet. We make every effort to follow applicable laws, and create a safe environment to facilitate meetings between legal escorts and clients. Although our site has been reviewed and approved by lawyers, we are not lawyers, and cannot provide legal advice. We recommend that all escorts and clients using MintBoys follow all applicable laws - including not exchanging sex for money.
How can I contact you?
Use the Contact Us page.
How can I report an escort ad that has a problem?
Each escort advertisment page contains a link titled Submit a Problem or Complaint toward the lower left of the screen. You can report any problems or concerns using this link. All reports are reviewed promptly. For privacy reasons, we may not be able to let you know if your report resulted in any action taken. Advertisers that are found to be abusing the system will be blocked from our website permanently.

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For Clients (those who wish to meet with escorts)

Is the site free for clients to use?
Yes! MintBoys' site is completely free for clients to use.
Do I have to register to use the site?
No! In fact, MintBoys dispenses with client registration altogether, which keeps your anonymity protected so you can have fun without worry.
How is MintBoys different from other male escort websites?

Other escorting sites skirt human trafficking laws while keeping records on site visits from clientele. This leads to regular busts on clients, ruining their careers, sometimes their lives entirely.

MintBoys, on the other hand, is the first and only web site to bring the male escorting experience aboveground: our methodology for connecting quality clients and escorts is legal and in full compliance with human trafficking laws. We do not store identifiable records about clientele site visits, leaving no paper trail or tracking to expose your identity. Altogether, this means you get to meet great guys without putting yourself at risk.

How does MintBoys protect my privacy?
Other sites have web forms for contacting escorts, leaving a digital fingerprint which could expose your identity. MintBoys, however, stores zero data about its clients, and ensures complete anonymity while using the site. We simply display the escort's phone number, allowing direct contact. We have no record of you or whom you've contacted, meaning that if records from our site were ever requested, we would have nothing show.
Will I have a good time? 😀
Absolutely! And finding an escort that you vibe well with is part of the fun! When you find an escort you like, give them a ring and see how you jive. We recommend speaking to several different escorts; who you might like and get along with, could surprise you! In addition, you may consider using one of the review websites on the Internet to see the experiences others have had with a particular escort. We find Daddy's Reviews and I Like Pinga to be reputable escort review websites.
I'm really just looking for sex. Is MintBoys right for me?
MintBoys features legal escorts, for whom you are paying for their time only. Their job is to create a fantastic experience with you. If sex is something you seek from your time with them, then it's up to you to create that vibe consensually only after you two have met and are spending time together. Please note, however, that since prostitution is illegal, MintBoys cannot guarantee sex will happen during your time with the escort, and we do not condone offers for paid sex nor do we recommend you proposition or meet anyone who promises to exchange sex for money. Doing so would violate laws and put you at serious risk. MintBoys is committed to providing a fun, safe and fully legal experience for escorting and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

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For Escorts

I want to create an ad, but I don't see my area shown on the home page. What should I do?
The Become an Escort page offers several more cities in which to create your ad than what you see on the home page. If you don't see your city on the home page, it's probably because no one has created an ad there yet. Once someone creates an ad in each city, it'll appear on the home page within a few hours. If you don't see your city or area on the Become an Escort page, Contact Us and we'll make it possible to create new ads in your area.
Why can’t I post an ad along with my boyfriend?
MintBoys is dedicated to fighting against human trafficking. When people post on behalf of others, we unfortunately have no way to verify that human trafficking is not taking place. Therefore, our policy is that each person can post only an ad for themselves. But if you and your partner like to work together, you can each create profiles and link to each other.
I’ve appeared as a professional model. Can I use those photos?
No, you can’t use those photos if they are the property of the company that shot them. If you own the rights to those photos, you may use them. We are unable to approve any photos that include branding of a modeling company or video.
Can my ad say that I’m a “top”, “bottom”, or “versatile”?
In the gay community, many of us understand that, in addition to sexual positions, “top”, “bottom”, and “versatile” describe personality types. All sex aside, generally speaking a bottom would want to date a top because their personalities might be more likely to mesh. It’s fine to mention that you are top, bottom, or versatile in that context. However, if there is a more explicit sexual connotation, we won’t be able to approve your ad.
Can I talk about my sexual interests in my ad?
No. Since we are a website for legal escorts, we cannot approve ads that detail sexual preferences.
Why isn’t there a way to post my ad in other cities I travel to?
We are aware that several other sites have this feature but we intentionally did not include it on our site. While many people that actually travel do use this feature, we find that frequently people will add extra cities they travel to infrequently and aren’t usually available in. This creates a poor experience for the client, wading through advertisements of people that may or may not be available to meet them. However, if you are going to travel, you can just post another ad in the city that you’re traveling to - it’s free!
Do I need to have sex with clients?
It’s illegal to exchange sex for money, so you should not promise sex to people when they are hiring you - for their safety and your own. However, if you meet a client and the two of you mutually consent to sex, that is your own private business. We recommend focusing on keeping your clients happy, and providing a quality experience to them. That way they will keep coming back again and again.
Can I unsubscribe when I want to?
Yes, you can remove your ad at any time. When your ad was posted, you should have received an email from MintBoys. Click the link in this email and then press the "Unpublish Ad" button.
How do I change my photos or description, update my location, or remove my profile?
Use the Escort Login page to manage or edit your profile.
I didn't receive an email after posting ad. How can I edit or remove my profile?
Send us a message via the Contact Us page. Be sure to include your phone number and correct email address. We'll send you another link promptly.
Can I post my rates in my profile?
Is there a fee to advertise on MintBoys?
Since MintBoys is a new website, we’re allowing advertisers to use the site for free. You do not need to enter any credit card or payment information. One day, we may begin charging to advertise - but we would let you know this well in advance.
My ad was rejected because it says my photos look too young, but I’m over 18. Is there a way to post my ad?
Yes. You should have received an email from MintBoys stating that your ad was rejected for this reason. Simply reply to the email with photos of the front and back of your valid government-issued ID that shows you are over 18, and we will post your ad - and we will make sure that you don’t get rejected for this reason in the future.

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