Advertiser Guidelines

In order to make MintBoys a safe community for escorts (advertisers) and clients alike, these are the guidelines for all advertisements on our website:

Ad Text
  1. All advertisers must be at least 18 years of age. If we suspect that you are under 18, we will require you to send a copy of your valid government-issued photo ID, listing your date of birth, in order to post.
  2. No prostitution. Prostitution is illegal. Clients are paying for time only.
  3. Ads may not contain explicit sexual content nor text that implies sex.
  4. Only one person per ad. No couple ads or trios. If you and your partner like to work together, you may each post your own ad, and post links to each other’s profiles.
  5. Ads mentioning PNP/partying are not allowed.
  6. MintBoys won't approve ads that display HIV status or if you are on PrEP - as these imply that sexual activity will take place.
  7. "Top", "Bottom" and "Versatile" can refer to sexual positions, or they can refer to your personality type. It all depends on the context. "I'm a top", referring to your "top" personality type, is fine, but "I love topping but am open to try new things" would be unacceptable.
  8. Posts advertising massage services performed by an individual are not allowed. If you are a masseur in addition to an escort, you ad can mention this, but the subject of your ad shouldn't be massage.
  9. MintBoys may in it's sole discretion reject any ad for any reason.
  1. No X rated photos are allowed.
  2. Risqué photos (for example, displaying an uncovered back-side) are allowed, but not as the primary photo.
  3. You must have at least one G-rated (completely clean) picture to be your primary photo.
  4. Your photos can only depict you - for example, no photos containing you with friends or other people.
  5. Pictures posted must be your own property. If you've been paid as a model, you cannot post pictures of yourself that are the property of the modeling agency.
  6. We aren't able to allow photos where the style of the underwear leaves nothing to the imagination.
Anti-Human Trafficking
  1. Ads may not be posted on behalf of someone else.
  2. Ads related to human trafficking and pimping are not allowed. We will refer suspected cases of human trafficking to authorities.
  3. Ads for escort services and massage parlors are not allowed.